Monday, January 19, 2015

I Love Right Now

When Shimelle announced her new class Inspired By a few months ago, I immediately purchased it even though I knew there was no way I was going to get around to starting it during the holidays. Well, the holidays have passed and I have dived in. Actually to be more accurate, I have waded in because I have only made it through lesson one and the resulting layout is what I am sharing today.

I Love Right Now
Without revealing too much about the class, the task in general for the lesson was to be inspired by the photo. I chose to focus on the creams/golds in the photo and the woodgrain textures from the entertainment center and the wood of the tree.

I Love Right Now3
I Love Right Now2
Well what do you think? Do you like to take scrapbooking classes? Do you take them to learn a particular technique or are you like me, and use them more as a jumping off point for your projects?

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  1. Once you have finished with Shemelle's class come join me in Kelly's Sketch class. It's really good too, only I haven't even done one lesson yet. I just like the pretty picture :p amazing layout by the way. I love how you mixed