Monday, January 12, 2015

For Like Ever

Happy Monday! I've been a little obsessive lately over 6x8 pages and gave myself permission to document all of my December stories in that size as opposed to 8.5 x 11.

For Like Ever
One quality of scrapping in this small size, is that the page holds less. I know, that's pretty obvious, but what I mean is that I can put together these smaller layouts pretty fast because I don't have so much space to fill up. I generally pick a design element, in this case I went with a background made of paper strips, and work around it. I basically have less options as to where the picture, title, and journaling can fit, so I spend less time thinking and fiddling around with it all. The only drawback that I have ran into so far is that I am not having a lot of room to journal. I think I could definitely remedy this though by using the computer and printing my journaling onto the page useing a size 10 font.

For Like Ever 2
So what do you think about scrapping in the smaller size? Up until a year ago, I thought I would be a 12x12 Lifer, but since switching to a 8.5x11 last January, I cannot imagine scrapping in a bigger size again. I have done a couple of 12x12's since the switch and it feels all wierd to work on such a big canvas. And by dropping the whole mentaility of "I can only scrap one size," I have had a lot of fun trying new sizes. In fact, I am considering trying out 8x8-its a square, but smaller :).

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  1. I love your LO, so pretty! I thought I was a 12x12 lifer too, until I tried out 8.5x11 a couple of months ago. I enjoyed it because I was able to print journaling on it since I don't have a large-format printer. Now I'm going to keep an open mind and try different sizes. It's fun! I realized I don't need to pigeonhole myself into one size!