Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Christmas

Christmas scrapping for me has been notorious for falling into the cracks, meaning once Jan. 2 arrives, I toss all interest for holiday scrapping into a 12x12 Iris case and push it far underneath my bed. And that box will not be brought out again until next November. I am all for packing things up and moving onward with the new year, but that means all those lovely holiday memories go unscrapped and stories go untold.

I set out to change that this year and I was successful. I set a goal to have Christmas 2014 scrapped by January 31st and I met that goal-early!

"Hello Christmas" is the opening layout for Christmas morning at our house....

Hello Christmas

Hello Christmas 2
Part of what made my goal achievable was to make my holiday scrapping simple and fast. I also incorporated pocket pages so I could easily fit in the overwhelming amount of pictures that I wanted to work in.  Because lets face it, if I dedicate a page to only one or two photos at a time I would be working at it forever.
How about you? Have your finished your holiday scrapping? How do you keep on top of it during the busy holiday season? Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas :).
Now since the holiday is officially scrapped, I can look forward to spring with a clear conscious!


  1. I love your layout, really awesome. The colors are great. The photo is so cute, too. Michelle t

  2. love this, especially refreshing not to see traditional colors per say on a christmas layout