Friday, August 22, 2014

Worth the Wait

Happy Friday! Today I want to share a layout featuring a diecut background and my handsome teenage son :). 

I was super late in jumping on the Silhouette band wagon.  I absolutely admired everyone's work with it, but I tend to think a little bit like my dad and have a hard time spending money on things that aren't really necessary.  Finally though, I caved last Thanksgiving on a Portrait because the Black Friday price was AMAZING. *note: I did not get the Cameo, thinking like my dad there too.

Absolutely a purchase without any regrets and I used it to create the background for this layout:

Worth the Wait
The cut file I used can be found here at The Cut Shoppe.



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Forever Favorite

Besides looking at other scrapbooker's work, I find inspiration regulary from non-scrappy things.  This often includes quotes, magazine layouts, photos, and typography. I have one board on Pinterest labeled "Scrappy Inspiration" and this is where I file away these types of inspiration. 

When it comes to pinning quotes to my scrappy board, I generally am looking for something that inspires a story or describes a particular emotion or trait that relates specifically to one of my scrappy subjects.  For instance, sometimes I will see a quote and instantly think of some story I want to tell or I will find a quote that sums up one of my children perfectly and use part or all of it as a title or as my journaling. 

For this next layout, I saw this and instantly thought of some pictures I had of my husband.....

you are my forever favorite
And here is the layout it inspired:
The words featured in my pin became my title and inspired me to scrap this goofy picture of husband.
Where do you find scrappy inspiration?  Please share, I would love to know!


Monday, August 18, 2014


Happy Monday!  Just wanted to jump in and share a layout that I made at the beginning of summer.....

This is one of those layouts that came together super fast.  I knew ahead of time that I wanted to use a big piece of the floral paper from Heidi Swapp, so I kept the rest of the design pretty simple.  Often times I find that bold and big floral prints are a bit overvelming, but if you keep it simple and the let the paper shine, it works out :). 

Wishing you a great week!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

As I am sure most of you know already, Robert Galbraith, author of The Cuckoo's Calling, is really J.K. Rowling. And it is for this fact that I hesitated in reading the book.

Prior to Rowling being outed as the author, the book had great reviews. The crime novel certainly fell into my realm of interest, but I was absolutely, completely and totally disappointed in Rowling's last book, The Casual Vacancy.  I didn't finish the book, which is incredibly rare for me.  I just could not get into the story even though I tried and tried....and I could not get over the use of the "f" word.  I certainly am not against bad language in literature, but every other word for pages and pages....not so much my cup of tea.

But I bought this new novel.  And I started it.  And I took The Cuckoo's Calling with me on my first kid-free two day adventure with the husband since my daughter was born and I finished it. 


Very good.  And thankyou J.K. Rowling for not disappointing!

I quite enjoyed the mystery, but I really loved the main character, Detective Cormoran Stike.  He's funny, smart, sad, and very real and he is why I will be reading the sequel, The Silkworm.

As far as crime novel's go, it was pretty classically done.  Pretty complicated web to unravel, clues left behind, and danger.  All elements of a good, old fashioned mystery.  But it was the well written character of Strike that made it so much more successful.  I was rooting for him throughout the book, he made me laugh, and I am looking forward to meeting him again. 

Well done.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Citrus Twist Double Page Layout

Lately I have found that trying new page sizes, techniques, and styles has breathed fresh life into my creativity.  A two page layout seems the perfect next avenue to explore.

When trying something new, I often take inspiration from scrapbooking galleries and pinterest, Double page sightings are rare though. I am certainly seeing more than usual, but there still is not a great deal to pull from.  So when I set out to design a two page layout, I really had to start from scratch.

I started first by narrowing down a color scheme.  Beside complimenting or highlighting photos, color can be used to unite multiple pages.  These are the products I pulled from the various August kits.

Double Page 5

From this I narrowed my color scheme down even further to pink, red, gold, and a few neutral pieces in beige and gray.

Next, I spread my photos across the two pages and played around with the arrangement.  To keep it simple, I printed all but one of my photos the same size and went for a symetrical design to balance the photos on both sides. Here is what I decided on:

Double Page
Now that I knew where I wanted my photos to go, I began to build a background.  Since I absolutely loved the red patterned paper from the August Main Kit, I decided to be bold and use it as one full side of my design.  I then cut a smaller pink rectangle to spread across both pages, bridging the two pages.
Double Page 2
To coninue with the process of unifying my layout, I cut a border strip in a neutral beige from the 6x6 paper pad included in the PL Kit and placed it across the top of both pages, making sure they lined up.
Double Page 3
Double Page 4
With the foundation of the layout completed, I turned next to embellishing. To make sure I balanced them across the two pages, I used the embelllishment to create a visual triangle.  You can see that here in the finished layout.
A Beautiful Life
Here are some closeups:
A Beautiful Life 4
A Beautiful Life 5
A Beautiful Life 6
Products Used: 
Wishing you a great day! 

Monday, August 11, 2014


I recently participated in a Sunday Sketch Challenge at Studio Calico and I wanted to share my project with you.

The layout sketch was based off of this 12 x 12 layout by Elizabeth Kartchner.  What drew me to the sketch was the possiblity of using multiple patterned papers and colors.  I generally scrap with three colors and a neutral and I saw this as an opportunity to do more of a "rainbow" color theme.

One of the reasons I have a hard time attempting a multi-colored layout is that I often feel that too much variety can clash with the pictures.  Now, I know this is just a little quirk of mine and I should just let it go, BUT this picture, in its full, colorful glory, did not go with the colors I wanted to use AT ALL.  Thanks to my son's undying love of his royal blue sweatshirt, I am often confronted with this problem.  Since I was set on the products I wanted to use, I did a quick and simple edit to my photo by converting it to black and white in my PicTapGo app on my phone.  Problem solved.

I changed up the sketch a bit to better fit my layout size (8.5 x 11) and the vertical photo and loved the results.  It's a simple, uncomplicated layout--a style I am finding myself gravitating towards lately. 

Remember 2
Remember 3
Wishing you a great day!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

SC July LOAW Challenges

This past month I hosted the July LOAW Challenges over at Studio Calico and wanted to share my takes on two of the challenges.

The first challenge that I issued to SC Members, was to go "Big" with one element in your project. For my take, I upsized a diecut...

One of my reasonings in choosing to enlarge this particular diecut was that I thought it would make cleaning up my mat a little bit easier.  It did!  As much as I love this particular type of cut, cleaning up the million tiny pieces off of my mat is a bit of a chore.  I always have to tell myself to "go to my happy place" while I am doing it! Much easier to clean up big pieces.....
The last challenge for the month of July was simple-scraplift an SC Creative Team Member.  I thought this challenge was appropriate for the busy summer months.  I know that sometimes I want to make something, but make it fast and this challenge was for one of those moments. 
I chose to lift this layout from Kim Stewart.  I am absolutely obsessed with her gallery lately and she seems to share the same love for the floral diecuts :).
I failed to remember how much I disliked the whole cleaning of the mat thing before I cut these flowers and stems out.....LOL.  I will blame it on late night madness :).
Wishing you a great day!