Friday, August 29, 2014

Stretching Your Kit: Currently

I am a huge fan of kits, but their comes a point during the life of a kit, where I sort of get a little tired of it and I put it away and forget, expecially since I tend to move very slowly through paper.  I want to work more on keeping that from happening though, because to be honest, if a kit is shelved, it's probably not gonna get played with again because something cooler and brighter is always around the corner.  And it is just a waste of pretty paper and products.....oh, and money.

Therefore, I am introducing my first re-occuring and regular post on my blog:  Stretching Your Kit or How-to-put-some-more-life-into-a-kit-and-kill-it-for-good! 

For this inaugural post, I am going for the most simple of strategies: Introduce more patterned paper into the remains of your kit. What?? I know, some of you are saying that you can't use of the paper you already have in the kit, so why would you want to add more???  Well, for me, adding a fresh dose of color, particulary a color that is not featured in a particular kit, opens up the possiblities.  And the quickest and easiest way to do this, is add in some paper from your stash.

Color is by far, one of my favorite design elements.  I have taken several scrapbooking classes pertaining to color and I pin color combos like I am an interior designer :).

With that being said, I went straight to one of my favorite papers from Dear Lizzy's most recent line...

Yellow has always been a favorite color and I thought it would go perfectly with my remains of Citrus Twist's August kits.
And this is what I created:
I did not use a lot of the yellow paper in the layout, but the addition of the new color brightened up the turquoise and the pinks and gave my page a little bit more energy. Of course, the fact that I used up a tiny bit of my paper stash made me feel pretty good.
So, what are your go-to strategies for freshening up kits? I would love to know what you think and I absolutely appreciate each and every one of your comments!


  1. I am a notorious hacker! Pattern Paper goes a really long way in my house. I find when it gets down to 2x2 squares I punch gift tags or cut letters. They are just something fun to have on the side and it feels like a new embellishment.

    1. Great idea! Now that I am regularly cutting from my Silhouette I find myself eyeballing all the scraps as potential cuts :).