Monday, August 25, 2014

Love This

Beach pictures are by far, my favorite to take.  Therefore, naturally, they are my favorite to scap :).  And luckily, I get to go about once a month during the warmer months, so I have plenty of sandy pictures to work with.

Love This
I am still experimenting with printing my journaling .  I like it so far, but it does require pre-planning.  I basically put the layout completely together without adhereing.  Then, when I come to the point where I want to journal, I jot some measurements down in regards to where I think I want the words to go and then head to the computer.  From there I type it out, print it on regular computer paper, and then put my layout back together on top of it to see how it looks.  If it is not working for me, I make some adjustments and try again.  When I am finally happy with the placement, and have triple checked spelling and grammer, I print it onto textured cardstock.  A little time consuming, but worth it.
Love This 2
Love This 3
I think it is kind of funny that I am typing my journaling again because when I first started scrapbooking I typed my journaling onto cardstock and then cut it out and glued it onto my layout.  Funny how things come full circle!



  1. So soft and pretty. Love the silver touches.

    1. Thanks so much Nirupama! I am deeply entrenched in Camp Gold right now, but I think silver was the better choice for this layout :).

  2. so sweet, love the picture and the design.

  3. Such a lovely and delicate page and I love the way your journaling turned out!