Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Forever Favorite

Besides looking at other scrapbooker's work, I find inspiration regulary from non-scrappy things.  This often includes quotes, magazine layouts, photos, and typography. I have one board on Pinterest labeled "Scrappy Inspiration" and this is where I file away these types of inspiration. 

When it comes to pinning quotes to my scrappy board, I generally am looking for something that inspires a story or describes a particular emotion or trait that relates specifically to one of my scrappy subjects.  For instance, sometimes I will see a quote and instantly think of some story I want to tell or I will find a quote that sums up one of my children perfectly and use part or all of it as a title or as my journaling. 

For this next layout, I saw this and instantly thought of some pictures I had of my husband.....

you are my forever favorite
And here is the layout it inspired:
The words featured in my pin became my title and inspired me to scrap this goofy picture of husband.
Where do you find scrappy inspiration?  Please share, I would love to know!



  1. Great inspiration! Your layout turned out awesome. Great photo and love your details.

  2. Love the gold on this page -- what ink do you use?
    Great layout! Love the colours and design! The gold touches are great!
    I Pin lots of ideas on Pinterest, from blogs.

    1. Thanks Ashley for the kind words! The ink that I use in ColorBox in Gold.