Monday, July 6, 2015

Citrus Twist: July

This month at Citrus Twist, I had the opportunity to work with the July "Life Noted" Add-On Kit  and today I want to share my first projects that I have made with it.

First, lets take a look at the kit:


Lots and lots of fun stuff in this kit. A few of my faves include the sandy/kraft Thickers; the Tim Holtz rub-ons; and the washi.  

I also really enjoyed the inclusion of the grey and kraft cardstock because they gave me some neutral colored options to use as backgrounds in place of my usual white.  I don't know about everyone else, but more times than not, I struggle with using colored cardstock as a background. I try, I really do, but it just doesn't work for my brain at this point in time. I don't stress about it though nor do I try to force it. Scrapbooking styles have their phases and I right now I am in my white background phase I guess ;). A neutral colored cardstock is a little bit easier for me though and these first two layouts are examples of how sometimes, I CAN work outside my little box:

Here and Now 

 "Here & Now" is my take on a recent Sunday Sketch which you can see here. I really loved the red flower paper from Dear Lizzy's newest line and thought it paired well with the grey background.

  Here and Now 2 Here and Now 3 

For the next layout I kept the design simple to keep the emphasis on the photo and I also incorporated a few pieces from the July Embellishment Kit (as I did with the previous layout):

  This Life 

Washi tape is one of those supplies that I like, but don't use very often. The roll of washi in this kit though is going to be a different story. I absolutely adore the red and blue color combo and I like that it is a thinner strip.

This Life 2

Well, there you have it, my first two layouts using the July Add-On Kit from Citrus Twist! Looking forward to sharing the remainder of my projects with you as the month progresses!



  1. Great layouts. Love how you worked with the neutral cardstock. Great sunburst pattern, too. Great stuff. Michelle t

  2. Great looking kits. And your layouts are gorgeous. I love the neutral grey and kraft cardstock here. You worked beautifully outside of your 'little' box!