Monday, May 25, 2015

Make a Wish & Bath Time

Hello! Playing around with colors and patterns is always a fun endeavor when I set out to make a project and these next two layouts are an example of where I did just that by trying out a new color combination: pink, copper, red, and orange.

Pink, copper, red, and orange?? Yes, I just said that and it does sound a little crazy to me too! LOL. The pink, red, and orange combo all come from Dear Lizzy's latest collection Fine and Dandy. I had planned on adding in another paper that included more white with an addition of green, but I could not get it to work right, so I eliminated it. Here is a look at what I did:

  Make a Wish

I think this is a crazy color combo, but I like it ;). The addition of black plus a white background mellowed the colors out a little bit.

Make a Wish 2

Copper is GREAT. Really, I am hoping this is going to be the new metallic.


For Bath Time, it really helped that the picture was very neutral in color. I definitely picked my photos carefully when I knew I was going to use these colors. 

Bath 2

Nothing quite like stepping out of your comfort zone, right??  Wishing you a great last week of May!


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