Monday, May 11, 2015

Game Ball & Fun

Happy Monday! This past week I was able to catch up on my son's Handbook Album and today I want to share two of the 6x8 traditional layouts that I put together.

First up is Game Ball, a layout documenting Hayden receiving the game ball after having pitched an amazing game:

Game Ball 

This layout was inspired by the NSD Sketch Challenge at Studio Calico. You can see it here

Game Ball 2 

This next layout is a little bit more minimalist, a trait that repeats itself throughout his album. I think that this simpler style is really indicative of the point in his life that he is at right now--he's fourteen, four years away from being an adult, he knows absolutely everything, and he's "cool", so I take it a little easy on his layouts.


"Forced Family Fun" would have been a more appropriate title! Ha ha. It is incredibly hard to get my teenager to join in the fun sometimes. On this particular day I basically kidnapped the guy. I picked Hayden up from school and told him he was going to the park to play with us, end of story. Lucky for us he was in an indulgent mood ;). 

Fun 2 

I am currently really digging all the chipboard and stickers from Ali Edwards' Story Kits, I find myself applying them to so many projects lately. I thought this one really caught the moment--the girls with their huge smiles and Hayden bracing himself and the girls for the abrupt stop at the end. Love this "Seriously Fabulous Moment."


P.S. I too have gone down this slide and more times than not I end up on my bum--it is steep and fast and the landing is so totally awkward and emberassing for those of us who are no longer pint size. And I whole heartedly believe the makers of this slide had that exact idea in mind!

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