Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hip Kit Club: Three

Patterned paper is by far, my favorite scrapbooking supply and when I open a kit the first thing I do is slowly go through each beautiful piece of paper imagining the possibilities. So you can imagine, that when I set out to make a layout, my initial instinct is to "use all the patterned paper." LOL. Luckily, my inner-logical-voice tells me to narrow it down a bit and today I want to share some insight into how I do just that. When I start a project, I will first pull out all the paper. This time, I not only pulled out the paper from the May Main Kit, but I also pulled out the 6x6 Chickaniddy paper from the Embellishment Kit (I like to have choices!).

  Three 4 

My first paper pick is always a big, bolder pattern with lots of color. For this layout I chose the multi-colored striped paper from Dear Lizzy's latest collection. This piece of paper will be what I base the rest of my decisions. When deciding on my secondary picks, or my "supporting papers," I look for a variety of patterns that do not compete with each other and colors that will compliment the first paper. I also will include at least one paper that is neutral in color. Here is what I ended up with:


By narrowing down my choices and following some basic rules when selecting papers, I was able to put together a combinations of papers that worked together as opposed to competing with one another for attention. Here are some details from my layout:

  Three 2

Three 3 

So how about you-how do you narrow down your patterned paper? I would love to hear from you!



  1. I tried to comment earlier but I don't think it went through, so forgive me if this ends up posting twice.

    Beautiful layout! I love the photo you chose. So, so cute!

    And thanks so much for sharing your decision-making thought process. I find choosing pattern paper to be one of the toughest parts of scrapbooking. Seriously, picking patterns and colors that go together? So hard! I tend to stick to the papers that come in a particular kit because they usually go together, but you're right about needing to be careful that the patterns don't overwhelm and compete with each other.

  2. Well...I'm paper challenged. Among others. But my biggest challenge is patterns and colors. I finally discovered using kraft, white, or cream cardstock as the base and using the patterned paper as layers. I also recently covered a third of the base with patterned paper and really like how it turned out. Anyway, great layout, I like what you did with the paper and embellishments, they fit your story perfectly. Thanks for explaining your process. Michelle t

  3. Great to read your thought process, Michelle, and darling layout! Like you, after I have my photos, I always choose my papers, then all the fun bits to go with it. :)