Monday, February 16, 2015

Simply Magical

This year I decided I would be bold--and take my youngest daughter who is two to the movies. I know, I know, two year olds are unpredictable and rarely able to contain themselves long enough to sit still in a dark theater and not disturb grumpy adults ;). But you see, I LOVE the movies. I do. And since having my oldest daughter Maleia in 2010, trips to the movies have been far and in between. Last year I was finally able to venture into the theater with Maleia and she behaved beautifully. But she was four and acts like she's twelve. The littlest, Allora, not quite so mature yet. And she's sort of loud. But I did it anyway because I am STARVED for movies and took both girls to see Big Hero 6 and lo and behold, Allora rocked it!
Allora has now been to three movies, with Paddington being the most recent and the most enjoyed by all three of us. And because the movie touched us all, I had to document it :).
Simply Magical
People, I just have to say the Life Documented collection from Simple Stories is awesome! It's been a while since I have really fell in love with a primary colors based line, but this one had me from the beginning. I have missed the color combo of red, blue, and yellow so much.
Simply Magical 2
Simply Magical 3
I had so much fun working on this page. The combination of the story and the colors, and the products really got me excited! Thanks for stopping by today :).
P.S. I do not recommend taking young children to see Into the Woods--way too long and a little too complicated. I certainly liked the movie, but I had a totally different idea in my head of what the movie was going to be like and I was a little off. LOL. It is a total understatement when I say I was relieved when Allora finally fell asleep :).