Friday, February 20, 2015


Happy Friday! Today I wanted to finally share my title page to my 2015 family album. It's actually been finished for a while, but you know, I thought I would wait until the end of February before I'd share it!

Now before you get to the actual photos, I must warn you that I am not all adept at photographing pockety style pages. I rarely do. Which is exactly why they are not top knotch quality and I am a little shy about it. With practice though they will surely get better and I already have some ideas for next time!

So here you go, Team Wedertz, year 2015:

Hello New Year
I kept it simple and bright with small details.
Hello New Year 2
Hello New Year 3
I don't do a typical Project Life album.  Instead, like last year, I will continue to do a combination of both traditional and pocket style scrapping for 2015. This year though I am going to try to simplify a little bit and streamline the albums more. Last year it took me FOUR 12x12 albums to hold 2014. And that is just my main family album. (I also do an album for each kiddo.)  It was a lot of work keeping track of everything.
Some of the things I am doing this year, is to include photos from the Collect app because I like their clean, consistent look and I can include details right there with the photo. I am also going to be a little bit more judicious about what goes in what album and how. Last year I would usually scrap one event/photo series per pocket page, but I am going to try to include more. I am also switching up my album sizes. I will be using a Handbook album for my son because is just perfect for a camera-shy-I-am-never-home teenager. It will also give me the option of playing around with a 6x8 size for my traditional scrapping. For both my main family album and my girls I am using the 9x12 size (also from Studio Calico.)   
And after all that, I have to say that documenting 2015 is going pretty well so far. How about you? Are you making any changes this year? If so, how are things going? I would love to hear from you!


  1. Your black and white photo looks so nice amidst all of the soft colors, but why aren't you in it?!? :) I agree, loved that camera card!

  2. This looks amazing Michelle! Love how this came out! Here's to 2015! So glad to be on a team with you and to get to know you.

  3. Loving the little heart detail, so precious!