Saturday, February 7, 2015

Adventures in 9x12 Scrapbooking

I'm a pretty dedicated 8.5x11 scrapper, who likes to dabble in the 6x8, but recently I took the leap and tried out a 9x12....

I really didn't think the size difference would be that much, but it was. In the words of my two year old, the page was "giant-normous." Ha ha.
Today 2
As part of my 2015 memory keeping plan, I am doing one album just for me-related stuff and I've chosen to go with the new 9x12 white leather album from Studio Calico. It's actually quite an understatement to say that I am really excited to get some stuff in it. Is it strange that an actual album excites me??  Ha ha. (Is it even more strange that I laugh at myself, often??)



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