Wednesday, September 10, 2014


This past July my husband and I were able to get away to the mountains for a few days--kids free!

This particilular location we went to in the Sierra Nevadas is only accessible via a Jeep trail and it's pretty impossible to fit three kids, a dog, and all our necessities into the Jeep.  Thankfully, my awesome parents were able to come and stay with the kids and I was able to join my husband this year on his annual trip.

Since I had no one but myself to worry about on this trip, I took a whole lot of photos. It was so nice to just move around as I pleased and focus on one of my favorite hobbies.  And because I have so many pictures and I did not really want to pick just a few to document, I decided to dedicate an entire Handbook to the occasion. 

Here is my first layout for my album:

This 2
This 3
My layout was inspired by a sketch from Studio Calico.  When I saw the sketch, I knew I wanted to give it a go and instantly thought of the pictures from this trip.  I thought it was an easy way to jump into a big project, especially since this was my first time scrapping a 6x8 page. 
This 4
Seriously, 6x8 layouts are so cute and tiny!  They make my usual 8.5x11 pages look giant!


  1. What a cute layout! I love the background squares and your frilly layers.

    -Sashi (