Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Now that it is officially fall, I thought I would share a summer layout ;).
Pool 2
.Pool 3
This particular layout was inspired by Lilith Eeckels' Layering Class and, as you can see, I definitely brought the layers for this layout! (P.S. I really tried to edit away the blue skintone that my daughter is sporting, but my amatuer skills were no match to the plain fact that my daughter really was looking a Still wondering how it was possible that a swimming pool in Las Vegas in June was freezing cold???)
As a member of the scrapbooking community, I believe in supporting other scrapbookers as much as I am able.  In most cases, this means I am a dedicated blog reader. I love reading about other's processes, seeing their work, commenting, and sharing in galleries and Pinterest.  And, when I have the room in my scrappy budget, I take classes from other scrapbookers.

I love taking classes.  I finished college before my girls were born and I miss it!  Ha.  I am a nerd.  Nothing beats being in the classroom, smelling those lovely, thick books, and getting assigned homework.  And honestly, I dream of going back to school and working on another degree or a masters (which, by the way, slightly frightens my husband). Taking scrappy classes is one way that I fill that ever present need to learn as well as provides me with opportunities for my craft and style to grow and evolve. 

Wishing you a great day!


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