Monday, December 21, 2015


Well, in the middle of all this holiday fun, my entire household has been fighting off not one, but two rounds of sickness! Yuck. So of course, my blogging, productivity, and enthusiasm has been a little lacking in pretty much everything. I actually was the lone survivor for round one, but having lost loads of sleep while comforting sick children in the middle of night I think my immune system took a dive and fell during the second invasion. Long story short- I've basically been operating in survival mode since Thanksgiving.

During the first wave of illness though, I was feeling fine and found some time to make things (Yay!) like this next layout featuring a photo from one of my walks with the dog and Allora:

This layout was inspired by a recent Sketch Challenge at Studio Calico and I was super happy to find the time to play along. Here's a close up:

This was a fun picture to scrap. You see, when I walk the dog, I am usually pushing a jogging stroller. People laugh at me sometimes. My own grandpa admitted to doing this one day when he passed me by. What?? Yes, I know my hands are pretty full and my dog could probably make the claim that he is walking me, but I handle it and apparently entertain people as I do it! I also quite enjoy it and I try to remember to take pictures whenever I feel inspired by the movement or the scenery.  

In other news, I have been working pretty steadily on my December Memories album.  I had grand plans of sharing photos here on the blog, but I think that ship has sailed and am instead going to share those pages on Instagram. If you want to check them out, I am at @michellewedertz!

Wishing you a great day!


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