Monday, April 20, 2015

Park and Sweet Life

I will tell you, when I see big alphas I cringe. Full body cringe with a little bit of a shudder. You know, just a typical response to something outside my comfort zone ;). Yet despite my intial response, working outside the comfort zone usually results in something good, so I rolled with the giant alphas in Studio Calico's April kit and made some layouts that I ended up totally loving!

Park was my first layout I made using those monster sized alphas and I chose to take the basic approach of using a grid. Basically I was sticking to something that I know while incorporating something new.
Park 2
For my second layout, I used a Studio Calico sketch which features the alphas (you can see it here.) This is my way of making myself comfortable with something new. Trying out another's idea so that I can get the feel of things. By already having the placement of my letters determined I was able to play around with the rest of the design and embellishments instead of freezing up.
Sweet Life
As you can above, I stapled all of my letters to the cardstock as a way of anchoring them, which is unusual for me, but I was too scared to sew through them instead. In retrospect, I think they would have held up just fine and I should have probably just did a test run with the letter Z :).
Sweet Life 2
Do you have any types of product that makes you want to run and hide from? Or am I possibly the one who lets a gargantua sized alpha scare them?  LOL.
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