Thursday, April 9, 2015


For my son's 14th year (um, did I really just say 14??), I am doing a 6x8 album and I find that when I put together layouts they come together super fast, like so fast I am sure I am totally doing something wrong! Ha ha. Here's the latest full page layout I put together for him:

I recently purchased my first ever alpha stamp and this is my first attempt at using it. As you can tell, the first two letters were not as crisp as the second two. I think that the textured cardstock is a little difficult for an amateur stamper llike myself and I made a mental note to next time go with an untextured cardstock and see how that works.
Fast 2
Fast 3
Overall, I love working on my son's album this year. The smaller size is just perfect. He's a busy, active, and sometimes camera shy teenager (at least when I am taking the photo) and I struggled the last year trying to get enough photos to fill a bigger album. Switching to a 6x8 Handbook was definitely a great decision :).


  1. Great layout. Your alpha stamping looks terrific. It is the textured cardstock, but it still looks good. Great embellishment choices, too. I'm a 12x12 scrapper, but I did a couple of 6x8 layouts for my week in the life, and I really liked doing them. I felt the smaller space forced me to limit my choices, and I wasn't taking forever trying to decide. Great work. Michelle t

  2. Seriously digging this layout, Michelle!