Thursday, February 27, 2014


2014 has already turned into a year of change for me in terms of my scrapbooking.  I am becoming braver and trying new techniques and ideas.  I am also relying more on my own instincts and finding what really speaks to me. 

I think this new attitude first came about with the entire revamping of my PL style/format (will be addressing this in an upcoming post) at the beginning of the year.  Since then I have been absolutely shaking up my usual scrapping routine (for example, I have a 2 pager in progress!  What!?) and it is EXCITING.  Honestly, I have a new vigor for scrapping and it feels great.

This layout is a product of this new outlook.  Previously, I had been so stumped when it came to design prompts that had nothing to do with scrapbooking.  Things such as magazine ads, images of shapes and objects, quotes, ect.  I wanted to use them, to understand them. I even created a board on Pinterest solely for the purpose of collecting these items.  And as many collections do, they stayed there unopened and unused.  Until recently.

After being at a loss as what to do with a particular picture,  I opened my board, browsed through the images, and bravely picked one that I thought might work.

The modern feel to the image is not me.  Does not look like anything I have ever created.  And really, without checking the link, I could not tell you if it was a picture of a wall, a magazine ad.....or maybe another scrapbook page??

BUT after thinking about it with a scrapping perspective, I noticed that the design elements used were ones that I am familiar with.  First, it's a very loose version of a grid.  Second, there is dimension, with some elements popping off the background.  Third, there is a lot of white space.  With these in mind, I made this:



Fun stuff!  I am so glad I went outside my comfort zone and now that I am thinking about it, anytime that I have ever pushed my limits I have rarely been uphappy with the results.  And this goes for every aspect of my life.  Funny how a little thing called "fear" can excercise so much control over one's actions.....maybe I should be kicking "fear" to the curb?!

Wishing you all a great day!



  1. Cool page. Love how you were inspired!

  2. Love your page! You should kick fear out to the curb! LOL! You're doing great! I did with my fear of mixed media and ended up on the Faber Castell GDT for a term!

  3. Your page turned out awesome! It's so fun to experiment with new things sometimes, and Pinterest inspires me on almost a daily basis :D