Tuesday, February 4, 2014



Instead of dreaming, scheming, wishing, preparing, waiting, and planning......I am go to do.

And this new little blog is that word in action.

For awhile I had gone weary of blogging.  Blogging no longer felt fun and it no longer really had a purpose, so I took a break.  I knew I wanted to come back to it, but in time and with a new perspective. 

So here you have it.  Paper & Print.  A new design, a new address.  A fresh start. 

My plans for my blog......certainly a focus on my two hobbies, scrapping and reading, but with more authenticity, more.....me.  

I also want to take my posts into more of an informative/purposeful direction as opposed to just sharing.

As of the moment, my new blog is still a work in progress.  There are a few little things I want to add and tweak, but no rush.  I am also still brainstorming as to future posts and possible reoccuring themes. 

Baby steps.  That is what I am taking, but I am doing it.


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