Monday, October 12, 2015

Oh, Yes

As much as I love everything about scrapping autumn, the reality is that I still have a stack of summer photos to get done. So even though I am skipping ahead a bit and documenting the fall festivities that are happening right now, I am making a conscious effort to continue to move forward with the summer stories.

Oh ,Yes is a layout documenting a fun picture I took of my teenager carrying his sisters' floaties down to the pool in July and I love it! The photo is one of my faves for the reason that I struggle a little bit with capturing my oldest--he's pretty good at detecting the moment when I hit the camera button on my phone! Haha. On this particular trip, he surprised me quite a bit about being pretty open to picture taking and I took full advantage.

Oh Yes

Last month, I had a thing for circles. This month I am sensing a color blocking theme as is evident in this post here. I like to mix up my project designs, but I am super okay with repeating a recent design if that is what I am craving. Even though this type of layout is pretty simple, there are plenty of ways to add details and interest. One way I did this was by adding in a circular element and a few star shapes that are in opposition to the basic squares and rectangles. I also stitched around the photo and the journaling card in the top right of the page to bring emphasis to them.

Oh Yes 2

Oh Yes 3

So how do you go about balancing what stories you document? I like to keep current with my scrapping by remaining only a few months behind and I actually find it super difficult to scrap older photos from last year. I guess I like to scrap in the moment while it's still sort of fresh.

Wishing you a great day!


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  1. I'm not a chronological scrapbooker. I scrap what inspires me at that moment. The story could be from last week or 10 years ago. I love this layout. The grid type blocks and the colors are awesome. And I l8very, too, how you incorporated different shapes within the blocks. This is awesome. Michelle t