Thursday, June 9, 2016

In The Scrap: June Challenge

Hello! This past month I officially joined the design team at In the Scrap--a challenge blog based in Spain!

This invitation came to me at a really good time-you see, I had been feeling a little lackluster creativity-wise. I wanted to scrap, but my brain felt a little dried up.  What I had been doing just wasn't working anymore for me. Surely, I am not alone with this feeling?? This little slump really had me thinking that maybe I needed to revisit some of the things I used to do, such as participate in online scrapbooking challenges--something that I used to do on a regular basis. I Then along came the invitation....Funny how things work out sometimes!

Like I said earlier, In the Scrap is a great place to find lots of scrappy inspiration. For example, on the first of the month a new challenge is issued and the design team provides their takes on it. This month the challenge is a mood board type of challenge:

When I saw the "My Celebration" themed images I was excited! There were so many ways to take the theme and I was super excited to look through my stash to find products. When I create a project based off of this type of challenge I always start with making a list of all the things that stand out to me and here is what I wrote down:

Celebrate; gold foil; lights, wood grain; pink thread; ballons; 
blue, ruquoise, and pinks; banners; string lights; hearts; and arrows.

Having a written list really helped me zero in on specific products as I was looking for things to use. It's always nice to shop your stash!  Here is what I came up with:

When it came down to putting the inspiration from the image to use, I really embraced the whole theme of celebration. From my photos of my daughters on the youngest's birthday to the birthday themed embellishments, it's is obvious I went pretty literal. 

I love the little details that this challenge inspired, such as the addition of the pink thread and the foil hearts. These were two things that I probably would not have thought to add if not for the challenge and I just love what these minor details brought to my page!

One of my favorite parts about scrappy challenges is seeing what others do. There are just so many possibilities and I invite you to head on over to the blog to see what the rest of the design team did with the challenge :). 


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