Friday, May 27, 2016


Hello! Reading is my number one hobby. I couldn't imagine a life without a shelf full of books. I always have something going. Of course, with the arrival of the girls my reading time shrunk a little and when I do have the time, I am almost always too tired.

My solution for reading more is to sneak it in and take advantage of any free time that pops up. This means I always have a book or two in my bag, ready to go. This really comes in handy for the time I spend waiting in my car for kiddos to get out of school or finish practice. Not to mention the heavy bag full of books could come in handy if I am ever in a situation where I need to defend myself ;).

Once in a while though, I will have a very rare few hours without any small children or chores to distract me and then I am off and running to my books! This next layout shows you just how I can ready anywhere, anytime.....

Yes, I am at a NASCAR race reading The Magicians :). Now I go to watch the races, but we are at the track three days in a row and there is a little downtime between practices, qualifying, and races. I take advantage of this time every year and always pack several books. I also read on the way to and from the track, but this might be more because I am attempting to ignore how fast my brother is driving ;). 

Now in all my trips to the races, I have never seen another person reading a book. At least that was until this trip. I gave a mental high five to the lady when I spied the book packed in her bag!

I made this layout using the leftovers from my May Citrus Twist Kits. The colors in this this kit are pretty great, but the real gem is the pack of ephemera from Becky Higgins that is in the now sold out, PL Kit. 

Becky Higgins - Project Life - Currently Edition Collection - Ephemera with Foil Accents

I loved this entire pack of diecuts. First, they are printed on a bright white cardstock which is a fave. Second, they are so "useable." Really, I can see myself using the entire package (the "reading" title that I used is from this pack.)  And I love the silver foil!

Thanks for letting me share my project with you!



  1. Love, love, love this layout Michelle. I too love reading and will share that my husband questioned my sanity on our honeymoon (27 years ago) when I took a book to Dodger Stadium. I never go anywhere without reading material (my kindle is my bestie :-) I also wanted to say how much I love your blog and all the beautiful work that you create...thanks for sharing!
    Maria ()"o)

  2. I love this sweet little layout! And that picture of your book spread with the races in the background. :)

  3. Did you see the viral video a couple of weeks ago of the man reading a book at a Beyoncé concert? Classic! I also need a book with me for every spare moment.

  4. So good! Love the layers, well, everything! And I'm crazy about the die cut pack, too. Awesome layout. Michelle t