Monday, March 23, 2015

Sweet Memories

During this past Winter (and currently Spring) I often sat in front of my computer amazed at the amount of snow the eastern parts of the country were getting. My IG feed would be full of white snow and longing for the sun to come out. My winter on the other hand didn't look anything like what I was seeing, instead it looked this:

Ventura February 20, 2015.
A little different right? Yes, we were at the beach in February. In bathing suits. Meanwhile, the majority of the country remained buried in snow. Weird.
Last week, which was the official last week of winter by the way, I spent my free time working on scrapping my winter beach pictures and this is the first layout and coordinating pocket page that I came up with:

Sweet Memories
This layout was inspired by a recent sketch from Studio Calico.
Sweet Memories 2
Sweet Memories 3
I love beach photos. I don't love picking and choosing the "ones" that make it onto a layout though, so my solution is to include a pocket page or two.
Sweet Memories 4
Sweet Memories 5
So now tell me--what did your winter look like? As the above pictures suggests, I don't live at the beach. The beach is a couple short hours drive from where I actually live, but even here in the mountains, the winter was dry. No snow days. Nothing. If I could have, I would have certainly traded our beach day for several snow days ;).


  1. Really cute layout and adorable photos! I love the soft colors you used. :)

  2. Love the layout and the pocket page. Beautiful colors! My winter was quite warm as well for being in Sweden. I like a bit more snow and Cold than it was actually. We weren't able to do much ice skating or sledding at all.