Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Magic & Merry and my December Daily Confession

Confession time--Documenting Christmas was my favorite subject to scrap, until I met December Daily.

Now don't get me wrong,I love seeing every one's take on this Christmas tradition from Ali Edwards and I am so inspired by all the beautiful albums. So inspired that for the last two years I have bought a kit and began to put it together. Last year, I think I even made 5 complete pages. LOL.

Sadly however, that is as far as I ever got. The last two years I have crashed and burned before the first week of December was up, even though I prepared ahead of time for it.

This past weekend I went to my Christmas boxes and pulled out last year's--I almost wept. The album is beautiful, the products are gorgeous, and it is so far from being done. And the worst part is that those 5 pages was all the holiday scrapping that I did. Such an important and meaningful and favorite part of the year was left untouched and that is a tragedy.

For whatever reason, December Daily and I just did not jive. The pressure to create something in a timely and regular matter during a crazy busy time killed my creativity.  My mojo went down the drain and my self-esteem took a steep dive for not having the ingenuity to create something as fantastic as everyone else. 

This year I once again felt the pull to attempt another DD--how could I not? The concept is amazing, the products are just as beautiful, and everyone is doing it :).  But this time I somehow managed to resist.

Instead, I pulled out some new and old Christmas supplies (Elle's Studio, October Afternoon & American Crafts,) printed out a few pictures from last year, and set about making some good old fashioned Christmas layouts. And I tell you what, I found my holiday scrapping spirit pretty quickly.

Merry & Magic
Merry & Magic 3
Merry & Magic 2
I had loads of fun putting together this layout featuring one of my favorite pictures from last Christmas. It felt so good to document this moment and put it in album to be looked at instead of in a box which may or may not be hiding under my bed.
I realize now, that I don't always have to be doing the latest and greatest and trendiest thing. I finally accepted that at this moment in time, a December Daily just isn't my thing and that is okay.


  1. Love the gold letters and the non tradional colors.

  2. Darling layout, love all the layers! Good for you for knowing that DD just isn't for you! :)